Been Awhile I Know

I started this Blog and because I got no comments I quit posting. But I have decided I need to do this anyway as help for myself. Though if you wish to comment or ask questions PLEASE DO!!!!

Now my last post I explained the way MS works and some of what I experiance. Now I am going to go year by year as to what has happened to me. And how my disability has progressed. I am going to start with 1998 and work my way to present. Now 1998 was the year I had my first symptoms of MS. I had a numb tingly feeling all over my body, But only on the left half of my body. From the top of my head to my big toe. At that time my insurance was an HMO. I went to the doctor and after 2 visits she had run All the blood work that can be ran. Everything came back normal. So She told me that it was all in my head and it would go away. Well after a few weeks it did. So I thought no more about it. and nothing else happened.

Skip ahead 3 years to 2001. I had been dating my High School Sweetheart for 6 years at that time and we were dealing with his Mother having breast cancer that had spread. So I was under some stress there. I was also now working for Discount Auto Parts with better insurance. When I started noticing my balance getting a bit worse. It got to the point where I got into the bed of my boyfriends truck and tripped over my own two feet and feel. Hitting my face on the bed of the truck requiring 16 stitches total. From a busted lip and eyebrow. Well I have all my life been a little clumsy so I thought nothing of it. That was in May. In late October early November My vision in my left eye started going bad. Very Slowly. Finally around the 15th of November a Thursday I had double vision. So since I have worn glasses since I was about 8 years old I went to Pearl Vision at Southlake Mall for new glasses. The Optometrist there tried for 3 hours to be able to make glasses to fix double vision. No matter what she tries nothing works. So she sends me to my PCP for a referral to a Opthomologist. He sends me to the Opthomologist. The Opthomologist runs his tests and tries what he knows to fix the double vision. He is not able to either. So he says I need to go back to my PCP and get a perscription  for an MRI to see what is going on in my brain. He calls my Dr. and tells him what is needed. I go back to my PCP to get this perscription. When I get to my Dr. he hands me the persription. And it reads “MRI w/ and w/o contrast. Checking left ocipital lobe for a brain tumor” Talk about a perscription to scare a girl half to death. And I never shared this fear with my boyfriend. Not just how Huge that fear was.  So I had to wait until Monday, November 19th for the MRI. I underwent the MRI and on Wednesday November 21st I was sent to a Nurologist. Where I was officially diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. And started on a disease modifying drug called Avonex.

Well as the year progressed I started noticing that I was becoming inceasingly forgetful. I was also starting to misunderstand things and the crying jags started. Sometimes from a simple hello. This started to cause tension between me and my boyfriend. It was also becoming harder and harder for me to explain myself. Because I could not find the right words or what I was saying was not what I was thinking. Like a total disconnect between brain and mouth. Which caused A LOT off misunderstandings between Myself and Everybody. And the more frustrated I became about trying to explain myself the more I would cry. A vicious cycle. And to top everything else off the Avonex I was given to treat my disease was an intramuscular injection. At the time I was Terrified of needles. Had to give that fear up very fast! Then the side effects of the Avonex were 24 hours of flu symptoms. The worst flu symptoms. Chills, Hot Flashes, just all kinds of flu symptoms.

This was my first Year of diagnosis. November 2001 – November 2002

Any Questions PLZ Feel Free to Ask!!!!!


What is MS

Hello there. This blog is to explain exactly what MS is and how it affects me. MS is different for Every person. So what may be a problem or symptom for me is not indicative of all those who have the disease. Now that I have said that. Let me explain MS. Multiple Sclerosis is an AutoImmune Disease. What this means is that my immune system attacks my nervous system like a common cold. My brain, spinal cord and all nerves in my body are under attack by my immune system. This causes scaring on my nerves. This scaring causes various problems and disabilities. A few of them are visible. Like the fact I walk with a cane. I have extreme fatigue. I have bladder control issues. I also have spasms in my limbs. Most of my problems are invisible. I have a lot of scaring on my brain and spinal cord. This scaring affects my memory and my balance. I have also noticed problems with my ability to understand the unspoken cues of people. And I have trouble explaining myself sometimes because I forget what words mean. And sometimes what I say is not what I mean to say. Sometimes things just come out wrong. It is easier when I type because I can reread before I send. So those closest to me if we are speaking they sometimes have to repeat what I’ve said so I can hear what came out and make sure that’s what I ment. This is worse if I am nervous or upset or stressed. The more comfortable I am with those around me the less of a problem I have. But if I reach a point of meltdown which for me is frustration and tears. Another problem I have is I can’t control my tears. Sometimes I cry for no reason at all. Even if I haven’t reached meltdown, but just because something is touching. So needless to say watching the new is out. I can read some news and count on my friends on Face book for news. To actually watch the news stories with videos of those affected leaves me in tears. These are a few of the problems I have. If I think of others I will mention them. And I am open to any and all questions.

My hope here is to help anyone and everyone understand MS better. So please feel free to ask me any questions you have. I will answer them honestly. No matter how embarrassing you may think they are.